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Aloe vera and orange juice laxative

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Last but not least, of course, this product is aimed at families as well as small manufacturers who want to incorporate a natural Aloe gel into their cosmetic products or food. Note that this gel is very liquid in nature, rather like white wine, very naughty both in consistency and in color.

An ester with emollient properties for the skin and hair. Promotes rejuvenation of skin cells.

Greenish hue is natural for a gel obtained from mechanically processed leaves, automated, in which case a small part of the leaf chlorophyll appears in the product. The color is not given by latex secreted by leaves after cutting, latex with high aloin content very laxativeallotin separated from the gel itself.

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The taste and the aroma are specific, slightly unpleasant to the people not used to ti, many consumers aloe vera and orange juice laxative at first rejected by the "drug" taste of the taste and smell of this product, which, however, become very fast even pleasant, naturally natural.

To make it easier to consume, a little lemon juice or other fruit juices, combined with honey or brown sugar, make this product a real delicacy. Of course, when consumed in very small quantities for therapeutic purposes, it can also be used undiluted.

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Product description: The virtues of aloe gel are unanimously recognized. Its effects are all the more numerous, the closer it is to its pure form, as it is contained in the plant. This gel is therefore provided to you hpv tumore gola sintomi its unpasteurized form, only stabilized with regular preservatives for food use but in a very small amount.

Industrial processing of aloe leaves is always done by micronising the leaves, followed by pressing, extraction of aloin and anthraquinones, possibly followed by processing.

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Therefore, its slightly greenish color and specific taste are natural to the natural gel obtained from the whole leaf, which is not subject to enzymatic treatments and discoloration. It is also very liquid, being obtained by pressing the juice in press filters.

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Normally, mucopolysaccharide the gel itself retains consistency only shortly after it has been extracted. For this reason, some manufacturers choose to give the gel a higher consistency by using gelifiers guar gum, xanthan gum or gellan gum. As far as we are concerned, we did not resort to this technological process, preferring to maintain the purity and natural nature of the aloe vera and orange juice laxative. Therefore, it is possible to sediment, to a certain extent.

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Storage: Store in the original package in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children under 3 years of age.

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