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Healthy and unhealthy food topic

Access to healthy food is one of the most important human rights.

Healthy and Unhealthy Food

Consistent and harmless healthy and unhealthy food topic is the indispensable premise of protecting and strengthening health. According to the WHO, nutrition is a detoxifiere colon pastile pillar of human life, health and lifelong development.

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Unhealthy eating habits, both insufficient intake and excessive consumption have adverse effects on health. The phenomenon of media coverage and viewing of scientific articles online is directly related to the public's interest in this information, the greater the availability of articles, the more the population will be educated on certain issues.

Bibliografie Extras din referat: Eating is one of the most important events in everyone's life. We enjoy eating. It's part of who we are and part of our culture. In fact, eating is the hottest universal topic of all times.

Why do we need scientific publications and articles? The scientific research resulted in the discovery of some reality representations, disseminated at the society level through publications.

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The dissemination of knowledge about nutrition is an excellent way of educating the population. Purpose The purpose of study was analysis of the media coverage of scientific research on the topic "Nutrition". Material and methods.

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There were analyzed 35 scientific articles on the topic "Nutrition" published in the Republic of Moldova, between Object of study: scientific articles. Work tool: 29 question-grid of content analysis of scientific articles.

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Of the 35 articles, in 8 articles the topic "Nutrition" had the main significance, in 5 articles -secondary connotation and in 22 articles — tangential. Most articles were from two academic fields: Public Health 18 articles and General Medicine 8 articles. Only 2 articles had a well-determined research purpose.

Ouă Cântăreața Sevara își dezvăluie dieta: vegetarianismul Vocalistul uzbec a dezvăluit o dietă simplă, dar foarte eficientă, care o ajută să se mențină în formă chiar și în turneu. Cântăreaţă Sevara, care va veni în curând în turneu la Sankt Petersburg, a povestit Woman's Day cum se descurcă fără pilaf uzbec. Da, și mă simt mult mai bine - există ușurință, claritate, rapiditate în rezolvarea tot felului de probleme.

In both articles nutrition was a secondary subject. The analyzed articles did not present any affirmation or rejection hypotheses. The research described in three articles was carried out using a questionnaire, of which only one article described the research approval by the Ethics Committee.

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Six articles contained information about the research methods used. Conclusions In the Republic of Moldova, there are publications in the field of human nutrition. The content analysis allowed us to highlight that the scientific articles studied partially comply with the international requirements for writing scientific manuscripts.

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  • Mncarea sntoas versus Fast Food Avantaje Dezavantaje Efectele