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Given the theoretically long latency period of the virus from 3 weeks to 8 monthsit is difficult to identify the modality of infection, as there are multiple possible routes hpv high risk serotypes transmission: vertical perinatalself- or heteroinoculation. Diagnosis of condyloma acuminatum in a child must exclude a possible sexual abuse every time.

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We show the cases of four children who came for the occurrence of soft, non-keratotic papules, some looking like a cauliflower, localized in the genital, hpv high risk genitourinary and perianal areas.

The general and local clinical examination revealed no direct or indirect signs of sexual abuse, the usual tests were within normal limits and we did not identify other sexually transmitted infections.

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A combined treatment was administered: cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen °C or podophyllotoxin sol. The age of these patients was another challenge. Checks conducted periodically over 12 months revealed no relapse or the appearance of new lesions in the genital or perigenital areas.

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